Privacy Statement
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Privacy Statement

The principles followed by (Timer-Clock) while collecting and using personal data obtained from the users (“User(s)”) within their consent through the website. (“Website”) are regulated under this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data That May Be Collected

Timer-Clock may collect the following data about the User:

  • ID - Transaction Security Information
  • IP - Legal and Compliance Information
  • Contact Information - Request/Complaint Management Information
  • User Information - Incident Management Information
  • User Transaction Information

and other information that may be required for the performance of services in relation to the Website and that are deemed as personal data pursuant the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and all other applicable legislation. User explicitly consents to processing of such data within the scope and purpose specified under this Privacy Policy.

Use of Cookies

Timer-Clock, automatically collects information regarding the visited sections and clicked areas by the Users during their use of the Website. Such data obtained by using “Cookie” technology are statistical information. The purpose of this technology is to ensure that Users can easily access the content of the sections they visit from the very first visit made to the Website. Most of the browsers are designed to initially enable such “cookies” that are files of technical communication; however, Users, if they wish, may change the browser settings at any time in order not to receive technical communication files or so that a warning will be placed when the technical communication files are sent.

For the purposes of online behavioural advertising and marketing, Timer-Clock is entitled to associate Users’ behaviour on the Website via a “cookie” placed in the browser and configure remarketing listings based on metrics such as number of page views, duration of visit and target completion numbers. Furthermore, Users may be displayed target-specific advertising content based on their area of interest on the Website or other sites in the visual advertisement network.

Purpose of Use of Data

Timer-Clock shall use the collected personal data in order for the User to benefit from the Website, to conclude its membership registration to the Website as the case may be, to enhance and develop the services provided, to introduce new services and notify the Users of the new services, to make the necessary notifications in this regard, to contact the User and to perform the obligations arising from the nature of the services provided.

Personal data in question may be processed within the scope of Timer-Clock’s reporting and business development activities, and may be used for the purposes of making various statistical assessments, forming a database and engaging in market researches without disclosing the User’s identity. In case the User gives a separate explicit consent, information in question may be processed, stored, transferred to third parties for the purposes of direct marketing by Timer-Clock and the parties it is in cooperation with within the scope of such consent, and the User may be contacted for the purposes of promoting certain application, goods and services and making notifications with regard to the maintenance and support activities by using such information.

Sharing the Data

Timer-Clock may transfer User’s personal data and new data generated by using such personal data within the scope of the Website, for the purpose of enabling the performance of the services provided to the User, to third parties providing service to Timer-Clock provided that such transfer is limited to the purpose of the provision of such services. In this regard, for the purposes of improving User experience (including enhancing and customization), ensuring the security of the User, identifying fraudulent or unauthorized use, operational evaluation research, recovery of errors in relation to the Website or Timer-Clock services, and realizing any of the objectives set forth under this Privacy Policy or other privacy notes provided to the User, Timer-Clock may share the User data with third parties such as outsource service providers, hosting service providers, law firms, research companies and call centers.

User agrees in advance that aforementioned third parties may store the User’s personal data in the servers located in any part of the world, limited to the aforementioned purposes.

Right of Access of the User to the Personal Data and Rectification Requests

By applying to Timer-Clock the User is entitled to:

  • Learn whether or not personal data relating to him/her are being processed,
  • Request further information if personal data relating to him/her have been processed,
  • Learn the purpose of the processing of personal data and whether or not personal data are being processed in compliance with such purpose,
  • Learn the third party recipients to whom the personal data are disclosed within the country or abroad,
  • Request rectification of the processed personal data which is incomplete or inaccurate,
  • Request erasure or destruction of data in accordance with the terms set forth under the relevant legislation,
  • Request notifying the third persons to whom the personal data are disclosed, about the rectification, erasure or destruction processes made in accordance with the relevant legislation,
  • Object to negative consequences about him/her that are concluded as a result of analysis of the processed personal data by solely automatic means,
  • Demand compensation for the damages he/she has suffered as a result of an unlawful processing operation.
  • The User can apply to Timer-Clock by filling out the Data Subject Request Form and sending the form to Timer-Clock by following the procedure explained in the form. Timer-Clock may give its reasoned affirmative/negative response with regard to the above listed requests, in written form or digitally. As a general rule, the actions undertaken in order to answer the requests are free of charge. However, in case the actions require a cost, a fee may be charged pursuant to the tariff specified by the Data Protection Authority pursuant to Article 13 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

The User undertakes that information provided to Timer-Clock by himself/herself under this Privacy Policy is complete, accurate and up to date, and shall immediately update such information in case a change occurs with respect to such information. Timer-Clock shall not be held responsible in case the User does not update such information.

User agrees and represent that he/she may not fully benefit from the services undertaken by Timer-Clock in case he/she makes a request that will prevent Timer-Clock from using any of its personal data and he/she shall be held liable for any matter arising in this regard.

Storage Period of Personal Data

Timer-Clock shall keep the personal data provided by the User for the purposes of performing the obligations arising from the nature of the services, during the entire time of the provision of the services.

Additionally, Timer-Clock may keep the personal data, in case a conflict arises between Timer-Clock and the User, limited to the purpose of making the necessary defences within the scope of the conflict and for the period of time limitation specified by the applicable legislation.

Measures, Warranties and Liability with respect to Data Security

Subject to the terms set forth under the applicable legislation or this Privacy Policy, Timer-Clock undertakes to:

  • Prevent the unlawful processing of personal data,
  • Prevent the unlawful access to personal data,
  • Take necessary technical and administrative measures for ensuring the appropriate security level for the purposes of preserving personal data and to carry out the required audits.

In case the website provides links to other applications, Timer-Clock shall not be held liable for the privacy policies and contents of such applications.

Timer-Clock cannot be held liable for damages that may arise from any use of personal data which falls within the scope of the abovementioned terms.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

Users benefiting from the services provided on the Website shall be deemed to have read and accepted all terms herein. Timer-Clock reserves the right to amend the provisions of the Privacy Policy without prior notice. The updated Privacy Policy shall become effective on the date it is presented to the User in any manner.